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"Step Right Up!" - Fabrication

Posted by scott on January 17, 2015 at 6:55 PM

I've been able, over the last few weeks, to complete the building, paint/graphics, and electrics for several of the targets in my laser shooting gallery. It's been a lot of fun firing up the space heater in my tiny workshop and bringing my drawings to life. Here are some photos of the process.

Roller coaster:

It's a classic "woodie" that forms the background to the Midway area of the game. The target is at the apex of the lift and when hit, ropelights lining the track will chase in a 4-circuit pattern to simulate the motion of the coaster cars. A sound effect of the first drop on a real coaster will also be triggered.

The shop drawing was taken directly from the Sketch Up 3D model I rendered last month.


The Midway section in the foreground is made up of 3 seperate "test your skill" carnival games. They are constructed out of wood and are hand painted before custom designed graphics are applied with spray adhesive.

"Burst-A-Balloon" where hitting either of 2 targets triggers a solenoid to push a cutout ballon up on guide wires.

"Feeding Frenzy" is my version of a water gun game where hitting the target displays a vertical pattern of blue LEDs and water drop SFX.

"Knock-Em-Down" is a bottle game where a direct hit triggers a servo to quickly drop a row of cutout bottles to a glass breaking sound effect.

Haunted Manor:

No amusement park is complete without their own particular version of a hounted house. My design forthis one was inspired by the old haunted dark rides in traveling carnivals. There are 2 targets on this prop with different effects for each; the lower target triggers light behind the windows to reveal goulish shadows. The upper target is a little more complicated than just a relay trigger. I use 1 servo to actuate the movememnt of 2 ghosts sweeping into the upstairs windows then slowly retract back.

Thanks for checking out my progress!  I'm in the process of building the case and being able to put the finished pieces into place. My next post will also get a little deeper into the electronics I've come up with to run everything.

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