Scott Supeck



Rock-N-Time!  - Dark ride concept...

This is an attraction design I used as part of an Imagineering class. The class, taught by Steve Alcorn of AlcornMcBride show control systems, focused on the managerial, logistical, creative and technical aspects of themed attraction design.  I developed this  idea throughout the course, focusing on different aspects as pertaining to each lesson. It was a new and rewarding experience!

Welcome to the museum of music history...

  Here you will find historic and prized artifacts which had a lasting impact on the world of music. Our team of scientists and engineers have been perfecting a method of time travel designed to intercept key moments in rock and roll history so as to procure only the rarest and most sought after pieces for the museum’s collection. We hope that sounds exciting, because it is now that you will be selected for a special mission:  Equipped with our state-of -the-art, digital, 3D image capturing devices, your team will board the 4-person vehicles and enter our proprietary quantum portal to re-live some of the most influential moments in rock history!

You will travel through each decade, from the street corners and malt shops of the 1950’s – through to the 1990’s with the opening of the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame. In the pre-show, guests are instructed that they will each be responsible for “transporting” one item by matching an icon in a scene to the icon of their individual image capturers.  Back through the portal into present day, the lead scientist welcomes you back and reveals the collection score for each vehicle.

A few years age, I was fortunate  enough to take a class on theme park engineering taught by Steve Alcorn of AlcornMcBride - the global leaders in A/V and show control equipment for the themed entertainment industry. This is the attraction I developed as the throughline for the course, focusing on various managerial, logistical, creative and technical aspects of attraction design.


Upon entering "Rock-n-Time ", guests will queue in a high tech, shiny and glassy storage facility. Along the way, passing "artifacts" of music history displayed in glass cases.

When arriving at the pre-show - guests are told that the facility owners have developed a method of time travel and are sending them back in time to complete their collection by retrieving some sought after object pertaining to rock music.

The guests board into four-person, motion base ride vehicles styled after custom guitars. Each seat has, in front of it, a large push button with an icon of a musical instrument.


They are sent through a corridor into:


THE TIME TRAVEL TUNNEL- Smoke, thrusting lights, sound FX. The vehicle pitches up as it accelerates through to a bright light flash. Then opens to:

1950 - the large alphanumeric display on their consoles ran backwards to 1950 while in the tunnel. The vehicles will then move smoothly through some key moments of the decade:


SCENE 1 - Ext. nite. A doo wop group stands on a street corner under a St. light singing. (Sh-boom, sh-boom?)

 SCENE 2 - Radio transmission is seen and heard as Cleveland DJ Alan Freed coins term "Rock and Roll".

 SCENE 3 - Int. day. Teens at the local malt shop tap their feet to sounds of the jukebox playing Buddy Holly.

 SCENE 4 - Int.  Through malt shop, onto set of American Bandstand. Someone famous and cheap is in the middle of a taping.



 SCENE 5 - Int. nite. Family gathered around TV set in their living room watching Elvis on Ed Sullivan.

 SCENE 6 - Ext. dawn. Paper boy on the street harking the "British Invasion"

 SCENE 7 - Ext. day. Through studio-type archway onto the movie set of "Beach Blanket Bingo" as

 SCENE 8 - Ext. dusk. Over dunes and onto the rolling hills of Max Yasger's farm at Woodstock. Hendrix is on stage doing Star Spangled Banner



SCENE 9 - Groovy/phsycadellic light show. Oil/water FX, beads, lava lamp FX, etc.


SCENE 10 - Through a quick turning maze of a backstage area, (near miss with a janitor or stage hand?) emerging in the wings during a funk concert. Ride vehicle turns towards the stage as it moves upstage - turning and going out the stage door onto:


SCENE 11 - ext. nite. Singing group on street corner similar to 1950's, only this time it's the beginnings of rap. 


                                                                                                                          SCENE 12 - Int. day. High school hallway. Kid with walkman                                                                                                                              on is  asked by a friend: "What is that ?  ".



SCENE 13 - Int. Young musician (possibly Vince Clark from Erasure, Yaz, and Depech Mode) sits, back to us, in a studio full of keyboards and sequencers developing the new wave sound.

SCENE 14 - (this may be a little self indulgent) The labs at Vari-lite as technicians create the first intelligent stage lighting fixture. 14A - Through the crowd at a Genesis concert which was the first to employ this type of light show. (actual moving lights acompany the projected effect)

SCENE 15 - Through a tunnel of projections that turn vinyl records into cd's as they float past.

SCENE 16 - Int. nite. 3 girls at a slumber party sit on a bed and watch a music video.



SCENE 16 - Grunge concert in a small club.

SCENE 17 - ?

SCENE 18- Opening ceremonies for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.



Back in the facility, vehicles continue to move through as the lead scientist is on the monitor with a "welcome back" and scores for each vehicle. The idea is that in each decade, some object with appear with a glowing instument icon. During that time, the guest with that  icon in front of them is expected to activate the transport (push the button) and the object will vanish and be "collected" onboard the ride vehicle.

Below is a plan view of the whole ride building.